Recharge your batteries

And that was one more exhausting week. What if you decided to take a break this weekend? To disconnect, recharge your batteries and pamper yourself. If you wish to get some peace and quiet, our Terres are the perfect destination! At the heart of an unspoilt nature, come and live unique, authentic, and friendly moments.

Here are 9 ideas of activities to do on our Terres!

1. A break in the historic centre of Meung-sur-Loire

Stroll in the old medieval streets of Meung-sur-Loire, surrounded by houses of stones and half-timbered facades. Open the doors of shops, workshops, and galleries such as the Rive Mauve gallery. Located in a former mill, you will discover the works of local artists.

Then, visit Place du Martroi, where two iconic monuments coexist, Saint-Liphard Collegiate church and the château of Meung-sur-Loire, one of the largest and most amazing of the region.

Contemplate the Porte d’Amont! Built during the 13th century, it was the main gate when Meung-sur-Loire was surrounded by ramparts.

2. Have a drink on the banks of the Loire River

On the Terres du Val de Loire, open-air cafés (or Guinguettes) and terraces open once summer is here. They are specially designed to enjoy the sweetness of life and the landscape, and are open throughout the summer.

Treat yourself to a relaxing moment on the banks of the Loire River! © FMR TravelBlog

You are looking for a special spot to enjoy the Loire River? The Corne des Pâtures in Baule will meet all your expectations. Created to offer high quality cultural events in a natural and protected environment, this Guinguette will give you the chance to discover new styles of music.

In Meung-sur-Loire, the Capitainerie is a small Guinguette on the banks of the Loire River. Near the ruins of the old bridge borrowed by Joan of Arc at the time, enjoy a drink with a view over a breathtaking scenery. On the cultural side, we have what you need – concerts and open scenes are organised throughout the summer.

3. A tour on the Loire River

Let your feet carry you on the banks of the Loire River. It is the perfect place, where time stands still! The best way to appreciate this wild river, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is to embark on a traditional boat.

At the Port du Bout du Monde, Claire and Denis of the association Cœur de Loire invite you to board their Toue cabanée (traditional boat) to explore the river. You can even have something to eat on the Loire River during your tour! To complete this experience, Claire and Denis even offer a floating bed & breakfast on their workshop boat. Will you try?

Boat tours on the Loire River – an unforgettable experience!

4. Stroll in Beaugency

You will love to visit Beaugency, on every street corner, with its classified monuments which are evidence to its glorious past. © Walter Rodriguez

Beaugency is a city on the banks of the Loire River. It shines thanks to its rich historic heritage and its natural and privileged environment. It is with good reason that it is among the “100 most beautiful detours in France”. Pace up and down its old narrow streets, contemplate its numerous architectural treasures and discover the best places.

5. The Eaux Bleues, a romantic spot

Discover the charms of the picturesque alleys of Tavers. Walk along the “Lien” and take a moment to admire the nice washing places and mills you encounter on your path. There are many!

Your walk will lead you to the Site des Fontenils and Eaux Bleues. There, submerged shifting sands bubble and give to this source of water a blue-lagoon colour. A guaranteed change of scene!

Tavers and its famous blue-lagoon Eaux Bleues.

6. “La vie en rose” in the Roquelin’s Gardens

Welcome to the Kingdom of roses! © Clive Nichols

Stroll in the wonderful gardens of Roquelin, on the left bank of the Loire River in Meung-sur-Loire. More than 500 varieties of antique roses live on this alluvial land due to the Loire River. Finish your green itinerary in the garden’s shop, where you can buy decorative items, home-made jam or even plants.

In the summer, let yourself be enchanted by the magic of an evening with candles only in the garden. Hundreds of flames illuminate the plants and enhance this incredible place. Don’t miss this timeless moment!

7. Freshness in the Arboretum d’Ilex Garden

In Meung-sur-Loire again, continue your green itinerary with the Arboretum d’Ilex. In this secret botanical haven rocked by the sounds of water and birds, several national collections are available to see. The most abundant is the one giving its name to the garden – a collection of 500 varieties of Ilex, better known under the name of holly (“houx” in French). Sit on a wooden bench under the trees and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of this place.

The garden has been created to be colourful all year round.

8. A tasting at our winegrowers

The Parc de la Folie Hubert will open its doors to the public on June 5. © Parc de la Folie Hubert

A new garden will open its doors on June 5 in Meung-sur-Loire: the park of La Folie Hubert! This 300-year-old park of 2 hectares, a true jewel of the 17th century mansion, will offer you a moment of botanical pleasure and discovery.

During your walk, you will discover many species and collections of Fuchsias, Orchids, Cacti, Mediterranean plants.

9. A tasting at our winegrowers

In the south of the Loire River, over a hundred hectares populated of resolute passionate winemakers, AOC (designations of origin) Orléans and Orléans-Cléry vineyards are blooming. On our Terres, several winemakers maintain the tradition of this vineyard well-known at the table of the kings of France. Resulting from the best grape varieties, their wines offer a subtle and fruity bouquet. Meet these passionate people and let yourself be tempted by a wine tasting!

Taste the AOC Orléans and Orléans-Cléry wines with our passionate winemakers! © Pixabay

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