The Jardin Arboretum d’Ilex

Following the banks of the Mauves in Meung-sur-Loire, the Arboretum d’Ilex is a true breath of coolness! Stroll along the river to discover a wide variety of plant species bathed in a soft light.

Here, water and plants have lived together in harmony for many years. The natural flora has also kept its place. Through the years, new plants keep being implanted in the Arboretum.

The arboretum comprises 500 species – hybrids and cultivars – of holly thriving among 130 varieties of astilbes, 250 clematises, 150 day lilies, 150 hostas and 80 maples as well as botanical trees and shrubs.

4 good reasons to visit the Jardin Arboretum d'Ilex

Information and booking

Les horaires de l’Arboretum d’Ilex en 2023 :

Arboretum open every day except Tuesday, from 2pm to 6pm.

Arboretum open from 2pm to 5pm.