Immerse yourself in history

The lovers of history and old buildings will be more than satisfied on our Terres because this territory is full of treasures. Over the centuries, many famous characters have come here et have left a mark on our territory, thanks to their commitment, their passion, or their talent. Explore an exceptional heritage.

Here are 9 sites to discover and visit without reserve!

1. The château of Meung-sur-Loire, one of the oldest castles in the Loiret

The château of Meung-sur-Loire is one of the largest and oldest castles of the Loiret and has hosted great names in the history of France. We call it “the château with two faces” because its special characteristic is to have two facades of different eras. The first medieval facade dates from the 13th century and the second one is from the 18th century.

The tour will guide you from the attic to the dark underground passages, passing by the sumptuous neoclassical chapel and the bathrooms of the 18th century, where more than 2,000 objects are exposed.

The visit of the château of Meung-sur-Loire is the promise of a true journey through the past. © Château de Meung-sur-Loire

2. The medieval city of Meung-sur-Loire

The covered market of Meung-sur-Loire was built on the spot of the old Hôtel-Dieu. It hosted the sick and infirm, but also the pilgrims who wanted to see the relics of Saint-Liphard. © A. Rue – ADRT Loiret

Come and stroll in the old streets of Meung-sur Loire, where stone and half-timbered houses stand.

For a cultural break, don’t forget to visit the museum and cultural centre named “La Monnaye” in tribute to the function this place occupied in the 17th century. In fact, there was a “Maison de la monnaie” (money-making house) where copper coins were produced, the Liards. There are 3 permanent exhibition areas and one of them is dedicated to Gaston Couté, a famous singer.

3. The Basilica of Cléry, a masterpiece in flamboyant Gothic style

From its 38 metres (125 ft), Notre-Dame Basilica overlooks the village of Cléry-Saint-André since centuries.

It is a major place of pilgrimage since the 13th century, after the discovery of a statue of Our Lady. The Basilica of Cléry drew the attention of the kings of France. Its history is linked to the King Louis XI, who decided to be buried there. Don’t hesitate to enter the doors of this beautiful Lady and to discover its history and hidden treasures…

Notre-Dame Basilica of Cléry, a masterpiece in flamboyant Gothic style, is an absolute site to visit!

4. The Sound and Light Show of Cléry, on the footsteps of the Resistance members

The Sound and Light Show of Cléry is one of the largest live performances of the Centre-Val de Loire region. © Cléry Raconte

During the summer period, don’t miss the Son et Lumière de Cléry. This great show, which mobilises almost 300 volunteers, gives life to important moments in French history.

Their last show “Liberté, les combattants de l’ombre” is about the French Resistance during the Second World War and recounts the emergence of Resistance networks and the daily life of those people fighting for freedom.

5. The medieval city of Beaugency

The medieval city of Beaugency has almost always been part of the many treasures of the Val de Loire and is among the “100 most beautiful detours in France”.

You will love Beaugency and its numerous classified monuments witnessing its glorious past. Make sure you see the Hôtel de ville and its Renaissance facade, Notre-Dame Abbatial church and the César tower, which is still one of the best-preserved buildings of the Roman military architecture.

The outstanding Renaissance city hall of Beaugency, richly decorated. © Walter Rodriguez

6. The château of Beaugency, also a digital art centre

The château of Beaugency has mainly been the home of Jean de Dunois, called the “Bâtard d’Orléans” (Bastard of Orléans) and comrade of Joan of Arc.

The Château de Beaugency, a stunning example of seigneurial lodging house, has successively been the property of the lords of Beaugency, of the French crown and of the dukes of Orléans in the 14th century, who remain the owners until the French Revolution.

In the summer of 2021, the château of Beaugency reopens its doors after renovation work. It has been transformed into a place with several uses: a tourist destination dedicated to the heritage and innovation, a space for art, a site of transmission and mediation, a place for creative team works.

7. The Chappe Tower, an unusual monument

In the village of Baccon, an odd tower will inevitably draw your attention. The “Tour Chappe” has been built at the end of the 18th century by Claude Chappe, the famous inventor of the aerial telegraph.

Erected on the heights of the Petite Beauce, the Chappe Tower was part of the telegraph line connecting Paris to Bayonne. With its 23 metres high (75 ft), this tower is impressive and competes with the bell tower of the church nearby.

The Chappe Tower is one of the last vestiges in France.

8. Beauce la Romaine and its ancestral treasures

La Mouise Martin dolmen in Tripleville.

The north of our territory is full of curiosities. Beauce la Romaine has a large concentration of megaliths classified as historic monument. Come and see them during your stay on our Terres!

Here’s another curiosity not to miss: the remains of a Roman road, Voie de Jules César (or Chemin de Chartres), classified as historic monument since 1978. You can contemplate these remains in Verdes, Sémerville, Membrolles and La Colombe.

9. Coulmiers and its impressive funerary monument

When in Coulmiers, you cannot miss the impressive funerary monument bordering the departmental road! On the 9th of November 1870, Coulmiers has been the scene of a victorious battle of the Armée de la Loire over the Bavarian troops. It is an impressive funerary monument, built in 1876, commemorating the fallen soldiers and this historic event.

The funerary monument of Coulmiers arouses the curiosity of many travellers.

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