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The time when you could easily travel on the royal river is long gone. Did you know that until the 19th century, the Loire was a major maritime route? “Gabarres”, “chalands”, “toues” and other typical boats of the Loire passed each other, travelling from port to port built along the banks, where both goods and people were shipped and received.

Today, both the trade and abundant river traffic have gone, and pleasant outings on the river are all that remain. Treat yourself to a unique moment with Claire and Denis from Cœur de Loire. They’ll take you on board a traditional « toue cabanée » to discover the fabulous heritage of the Loire between Meung-sur-Loire, Baule and Beaugency.

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Outing on traditional boat with the Cœur de Loire

Claire Mayat and Denis Raimbault, mariners

As the founding members of Cœur de Loire, created in December 2016, Claire and Denis are truly passionate about the Loire river. Claire grew up in Meung-sur-Loire and has always felt close to nature, on the banks of the Loire and the Mauves, which are both very dear to her. Denis, on his part, shares his knowledge, observations and readings of the river with his passengers, as well as singing for them and telling them stories of the bygone “Marine de Loire” (Loire fleet).

Cœur de Loire is aimed at the general public and aims to introduce, enhance and preserve the Loire heritage on-board traditional Loire boats. It wishes to play an active part in the development of river tourism in the Terres du Val de Loire area.

Different outing packages are available.

Traditional boat trips

Spring, autumn and winter are the ideal seasons to discover the Loire by traditional boat. The water level is at its highest, and sailing is very popular. * Take advantage of this period to come aboard « Le Bout du Monde ». This covered cabin boat has a 360° panoramic view and can accommodate up to 12 passengers.

*During the summer it can sometimes be difficult to sail because of the lack of water!

Guided and animated tour of the Loire between Meung-sur-Loire and Baule.

  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Prices: from €15 per adult and €10 per child
  • Bookings: 06 80 68 21 27

Guided tour of the river, its history, châteaux and heritage between Meung-sur-Loire, Baule and Beaugency.

  • Duration: 2h30
  • Prices: from €35 per adult and €25 per child
  • Bookings: 06 80 68 21 27

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