The Château de Beaugency

At the heart of the medieval city, the château de Beaugency is a superb example of seigneurial lodgings. Following its closure to the public in 2018, the Château de Beaugency is reinventing itself and will reopen its doors after renovations.

It has been transformed into a Château-Centre d’Art Numérique with multiple vocations: a tourist destination dedicated to heritage and innovation, a space for artistic residencies, a site for transmission and mediation, and a work base for creative teams.

5 good reasons to visit the château de Beaugency

The home seigneurial

Superb example of seigneurial lodging, the castle is successively owned by the lords of Beaugency, the crown of France then the dukes of Orleans in the fourteenth century who will remain owners until the French Revolution.

Louis XI, François I or Joan of Arc stayed there. The castle was mainly the home of Jean de Dunois known as the «Bâtard d’Orléans» and companion of Joan of Arc.

The medieval garden

Located on the terrace, the medieval garden is set on the old ditches of the medieval castle. It is a reconstruction of the garden of 1524 ordered by Jean de Longueville.

On the ground floor with the main building, it is a true haven of peace. Between the French roses, the vines and the trellis, it is the ideal place to relax and observe the north-eastern facade of the castle.

The Château-Centre d’Art Numérique

In 2021, the Château de Beaugency will reinvent itself and reopen its doors next summer. It is now established among the high cultural places dedicated to Digital Art in France. Artists-in-residence are invited to integrate the development of heritage in their in situ creation process. The Château de Beaugency’s ambition is to become a unique space based on the incredible potential of this dialogue between heritage and new technologies.
If the Château de Beaugency is thus turned outwards, it is also a place of life, anchored in its territory. Live immersive visual experiences in the 1500 square meters of exhibition spaces, enjoy a moment shared with family or friends at the café, participate in workshops for young and old, a visit to the Château de Beaugency is always an unforgettable experience renewed.

Anne-Sophie Acomat and Jérémie Bellot

Anne-Sophie Acomat and Jérémie Bellot, architects, are the instigators of this metamorphosis. This is a return to the roots for Jérémie Bellot, a native of Orléans and now a renowned artist on the international digital arts scene. Surrounded by a strong artistic team, the collective AV Exciters, which presents its productions worldwide (Paris, Brussels, Montreal, Barcelona, Dubai, etc.) and with the support of the territory’s institutional partners, he wishes to succeed in the moulting of this exceptional place that is the Château de Beaugency.

Digital Art Center, organization of events and artistic residencies, permanent works and temporary exhibitions, reception of school and workshops, mediation and transmission, tourist visits and place of daily life… the spaces of the Château de Beaugency welcome visitors to explore this exceptional dialogue between heritage and digital creation.


School holidays and summer (from July 2): open every day except Monday, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Outside school holidays (from Easter to All Saints’ Day): open on Saturdays and Sundays, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Night show: every Saturday evening in summer. Opening of the courtyard at 10 p.m. until 11:30 p.m. (free access, free price).