The Parc de la Folie Hubert

La Folie Hubert is a 300-year-old 2-hectare park on the banks of the River Mauves in Meung-sur-Loire. A veritable showcase for the 17th-century manor house, it offers a moment of botanical pleasure and discovery.

As you stroll through the garden, you’ll come to appreciate the many different species of trees. Collections of Fuchsias, Orchids, Cacti and Mediterranean plants are set in lush green surroundings. You’ll fall head over heels in love with this confidential spot, skillfully landscaped by owners who are passionate about sharing their botanical and aesthetic favourites.

5 good reasons to visit the Parc de la Folie Hubert

Parc de la Folie Hubert
The Folie Hubert park will amaze you with its collections, presented with care and passion. © Marie Morin - Perspectives de voyage

A surprising place

The rich history of Folie Hubert

The history of the Manoir de la Folie Hubert begins in 1692, when Cardinal Pierre-Armand du Cambout, Bishop of Orléans and Grand Aumonier of France, had a small discreet manor built.

Centuries passed and the glorious history of the «Folie Hubert» took a new turn when, in 1944, one of the American commanders of the allied forces fell in love with the estate and decided to settle there. Within its walls, the heroes of the Liberation… The commander’s children are born here and learn French while fishing in the Mauve, carving their words of love on the immense 300-year-old trees.

Raoul Rochette, a member of the Académie des Beaux-Arts, of which he became perpetual secretary general, was one of the illustrious owners of La Folie Hubert in 1830. He fell under the charm of the place and remained there until his death.

The Folie Hubert park

It is after this feeling of having to keep living this fabulous heritage of history that the owners, true lovers of botany, decided to open this Madness to the public. In 2020, 2 gites were offered for rent, and from spring 2021, the park and the plant collections will be offered for the visit.

Photo credits © Marie Morin – Perspectives de voyage © Giovanna Gaucher © Whoisreno

Information and booking

Park open every weekend from 10am to 12.30pm and from 1.30pm to 6pm