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The Butte des Elus

The Butte des Elus à MEZIERES-LEZ-CLERY ©  Arnaud David 1

This remarkable Gallic burial mound was erected in 300 BC.



  • Listed or registered (CNMHS)

Description of heritage

  • Descriptif du site et monument historique
    This remarkable Gallic burial mound was erected in 300 BC and is also known as the Butte de Renaud-tombant. Measuring 12 metres in height and 70 metres in diameter, the site has been listed since 1924.

    The Butte des Élus is crowned by a statue of the Virgin, said to have been erected in thanks for the protection of the village during the 1870 war.

    In the 19th century, a strange discovery was made by the owner of the site who, in order to plant a vineyard, cleared one of the slopes of the mound: a tomb containing two sword blades folded in on themselves, fragments of armour, bronze and gold bracelets and necklaces, a medal and Gallic coins.


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