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Château and park of Huisseau-sur-Mauves

Château and park of Huisseau-sur-Mauves à HUISSEAU-SUR-MAUVES ©  Pascal Foulon 4

The château forms a beautiful ensemble in the centre of the village.

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Description of heritage

  • Descriptif du site et monument historique
    Originally a simple wooden fort, the castle of Huisseau-sur-Mauves was replaced around the 10th century by a fortified castle around which were grouped the dwellings that form the embryo of today's village. The land of Huisseau has remained in the hands of its founders since 1160.

    Today, this unspoilt estate, which has remained little-known, opens its courtyard and gardens to visitors during the summer season. It's an opportunity to take a timeless stroll among the greenery and old stones, to discover a long history and the people who wrote it.


Guided group tour on request: yes
Average duration of the group visit: 00h45


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