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Atelier d’Art Le Menhirois

Atelier d’Art Le Menhirois à CHAINGY ©  Bollengier 2

Painting is a reconnection with nature, with ourselves. It takes us on a long journey of contemplation, wonder and love of beauty. When you paint, time no longer exists. All that matters is the light, the right tone, the beautiful form.

At Le Menhirois art studio, you'll learn to paint by drawing on the lessons of painters who have gone before us, from Impressionist to modern painting. Cezanne and Gauguin opened the doors to abstraction. During your painting lessons, you will learn about different types of study, always from a live model or from nature: portraiture, landscape, still life and the study of the works of the great painters.
You will then be able to move towards more abstract forms. During drawing classes, you will learn to translate reality using graphic signs.



  • Graphic arts


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