Welcome to Dry ! The town of Dry is located some 20km to the west of Orléans. The northern part of the municipality is bordered by the Loire river, whereas the Sologne forest appears in the south. The Métairie business park and its 17 businesses, hosts the “Son & Lumière de Cléry” (sound & light show) from mid-July to mid-August, at the cultural park of the Val d’Ardoux.

Its inhabitants are called “Drysiens” and “Drysiennes”.

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Interesting features of the town

Historic heritage


The pretty brick building built along the secondary road no.951, is a testimony to the existence of a tram line which linked Orléans to Amboise, until 1934.

Then, the former station became the workshop of the ceramist Yoland Cazenove, whose unique works were exposed in highly varied places such as the Champs Elysées roundabout and the Boston Museum in the USA. Upon his death in 1995, the content of his workshop was left to the Fine Arts Museum of Orléans.


The first stone of the Château du Bouchet was laid in 1853 by Léon de Laage de la Rocheterie. This family were sylviculture enthusiasts and had remarkable tree species planted in the park.

The French national agency for hunting and wildlife (ONCFS) bought the Bouchet lands in 1961. It installed a centre there which recruits technical environmental officers each year, who report to the Ministry for Ecology and Sustainable Development.

Practical information