The “guinguettes”

Along with the summer, the “guinguettes” (open-air cafés) along the Loire fill with people! In our Terres du Val de Loire, make sure you visit La Corne des Pâtures in Baule and La Capitainerie in Meung-sur-Loire. Good atmosphere guaranteed!

La Corne des Pâtures​

In Baule, the “guinguette” La Corne des Pâtures awaits you to celebrate the arrival of summer in style, surrounded by nature and on the banks of the Loire. This cultural and eco-responsible space run by an association offers many events and original courses throughout the summer season. Catering using fresh and local products is available onsite.

La Capitainerie

In the world’s end port in Meung-sur-Loire, La Capitainerie is a friendly space where you can have a drink and chat among friends, as well as have lunch or dinner in all simplicity, facing the royal river.

You can also enjoy a boat tour, and why not have a chat with Claire and Denis, who may sing a song or two for you on his guitar.

This “guinguette” is offered by the Cœur de Loire association.

La Cabane de Loire

On the banks of the royal river in Beaugency, the Cabane de Loire invites you for a refreshing break. It offers a magnificent view of the Loire and its stone bridge. Ice creams, drinks, boards… and petanque courts nearby for a 100% friendly atmosphere!