Welcome to Cravant ! The municipality of Cravant is located in the south-east of the Loiret department, at the limit with the Loir-et-Cher and in the Beauce de Patay agricultural area. It comprises nine hamlets: Beaumont, Cernay, Châtres, Laie, Beauvert, Launay, Rilly, Villechaumont and Villejouan.

Its inhabitants are called “Cravantais” and “Cravantaises”.

Interesting features of the town

Historic heritage


The Romantic style organ found in the Saint-Martin Church was built in 1858, in the workshop of the famous 19th century organ manufacturer, Aristide Cavaille Coll, for the small seminary of Mayenne. It was then bought by the Saint Vénérand parish in Laval (53) in 1928. It escaped any transformation and has remained intact since its construction. In 1979, through a happy turn of events, it was acquired by Father Daniel Foucher, the priest for the Cravant parish.

It was then transported and cleaned up by a team of volunteers from the town, before being reassembled and installed in the church. Its authenticity led it to be classified as a Historic Monument in 2000.

Since 2015, it has taken part in the organ festival “Festival des Orgues en Pays Loire-Beauce”, along with five other organs of the region. The Association des Amis de l’Orgue de Cravant was created to preserve and enhance this organ.


Practical information