Welcome to Chaingy ! The town of Chaingy is located 10km to the west of Orléans. It is organised around its town centre and along the Orléans-Blois secondary road, with a roadside restaurant, a bus line and a business park.

Its inhabitants are called “Cambiens” and “Cambiennes”.

La commune de Chaingy vue du ciel

Interesting features of the town



In 1868, the last wolf in our regions was killed in Chaingy by Father Blaise Basset, a famous poacher. The remains of the animal are now exhibited in the Natural Sciences Museum of Orléans.

In 2016, a wolf was seen near Gien, proving wolves have returned to the Loiret, 150 years later.



With the creation of a train stop in 1947, people from neighbouring areas and the Paris region started to travel the 2km separating the stop from the Fourneaux beach, to take a dip in the Loire. A wooden dance floor was even installed on celebration days. However, as the Loire is a dangerous river, swimming in it was forbidden in the end to avoid drowning, which often happened then.

Today, the site offers a look-out post onto the Loire and the national natural reserve of Saint-Mesmin. The site attracts many joggers and picnicking families. The TER regional train stop is now called “Chaingy-Fourneaux-Plage.”

Practical information